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City & Guilds History

At City & Guilds, we're proud of our history of dedication and innovation in vocational learning.

We've come a long way since we were founded - today the City & Guilds Group is the UK's leading vocational awarding organisation. We employ over 1000 people and award 1.9 million certificates every year.

Take a look at our key milestones ...

 2010 We welcome Learning Assistant, a leading UK e-portfolio company, into the Group - this commercial acquisition will revolutionse City & Guilds' current digital capability.
 2009 We partner with academic and education service provider Manipal to create IndiaSkills - a bold venture to redefine the way education and training is delivered in India.
 2008 We launch the City & Guilds Centre for Skills Development - and celebrate our 130th birthday.
 2006 We begin work on the 14-19 Diploma along with AQA - the new qualification successfully launched in 2008.
 2005 We welcome the Hospitality and Awarding Body (HAB), leader in its field, to the Group.

We gain vital expertise in the land-based sector as NPTC (formerly the National Proficiency Tests Council) becomes part of the City & Guilds Group.

 2002 The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) is formed from NEBS Management, part of City & Guilds, and the ISM. 
 2000 We mark our Charter Centenary. 
 1998 We award our millionth City & Guilds NVQ.

City & Guilds International is established, offering awards in business and administration and English language - which become instant worldwide winners.

 1973 We establish the Technician Education Council (TEC) and Business Education Council (BEC) which later merge to form BTEC.
 1964 We create NEBS Management to specialise in qualifications for managers and supervisors - the precursor to today's Institute of Leadership & Management.
 1962 HRH the Duke of Edingburgh establishes the Prince Philip Medal - honouring those people who, in Prince Philip's own words, have 'travelled the City & Guilds path'.
 1953 We establish the Associated Examinations Board (AEB), offering O-Levels and A-Levels - today it's part of AQA.
 1951 HRH the Duke of Edinburgh becomes City & Guilds President - and remains so to this day.
 1939 - 1945 It's business as usual during World War II, with only one exam cancelled in six years of conflict. We even hold exams for prisoners of war in Germany.
 1907 Imperial College London is founded, made up of City & Guilds College, Royal College of Science and Royal School of Mines.
 1900 We're granted a Royal Charter of Incorporation by Queen Victoria - recognising us as part of the constitution and national life of the United Kingdom.
 1887 Our first international City & Guilds examination is held - in New South Wales, Australia.
 1878 City & Guilds is founded to establish a national system of technical education - we hold our first exams in cotton manufacture, steel manufacture, gas manufacture, wool dyeing, alkaline manufacture, telegraphy and qualitative blowpipe analysis.
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