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About International Aestheticiennes
I.A. - the UK government registered independent examining body, is the brainchild of Mrs Lillian Maund, founder of the prestigious Lillian Maund School of Beauty, which is known in the industry as the prime example of holistic health and beauty training.
International Aestheticiennes is an examination which is designed to examine students on in-salon/clinic situation, and placing more attention on practical ability and the students capability to impart their knowledge to their prospective clients by suggesting further treatment programs available, and to be in a position to stimulate sales of products, rather than embark on a heavy academic format.

Mrs Maund's common sense approach to examinations was enthusiastically received, and today, I.A. members in 50 countries are either working members of I.A., or use I.A's syllabuses and examinations to train the future members of our profession.
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