Hong Kong Professional Baker and Confectionary VTC


The Principal, Dr. Simon Wong, has worked in bakery and confectionary industry over 30 years since he worked for the Bakery Department of Ruby Restaurant in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong in 1976.Dr. Wong observed that the bakers and confectioners are always looked down in the impression of the general public in Hong Kong.Hence, he hopes a breakthrough here so that he has never stopped to keep continuous learning after-work and worked hard for enhancing his skills, knowledge and technologies in bakery and confectionary since he worked in this industry. Up to now, Dr. Wong had successfully awarded with more than a Degree and qualified as National Senior Western Baker and Confectioners.In recent years, Dr. Wong founded the Hong Kong Professional Bakery and Confectionery Vocational Training Centre, and this institute successfully run the international training course, Diploma in Patisserie (IVQ Diploma in Patisserie 8705-22) together with City & Guilds International in September 2009 which is the first similar institute in Hong Kong to organize the international training course.Not only the training of bakery and confectionary industry in Hong Kong is thus elevated to an international status, but also this is recognized as the honor, a booster shot and a major step to Hong Kong bakery and confectionary industry.Dr. Wong is also concerned about the problem on youth employment and working hard to resolve it through teaching them about the skills, quality control and management in bakery and confectionery as well as the requirements of bakeries and food factories, so that graduates can find the more ideal jobs.In future, Dr. Wong will put more effort to enhance the professional qualification and recognition in bakery and confectionery.

Since year 2011, the objective of Hong Kong Professional Bakery and Confectionery Vocational Training Centre is to promote the registration system of the local bakers and confectioners.

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